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About us Schöneberg is famous worldwide for it’s multifaceted and high paced gay nightlife. In the 20th of last century already there was established a unique animate and free feeling scene around the Nollen- dorfplatz. Bars like the legendary Eldorado became international fame. Bars and pubs opened again around Motzstraße from 1969. Basically Schöneberg has more to offer than for revelers only! On daytime as well you have the chance to communi- cate with friends, neighbors and tourists or just relaxing in a lot of cafes, restau- rants, shops and societies of the gay community. Romeo and Romeo is the place to be for meeting each other and easy chilling. A quick coffee, chatting with guys around, reading newspapers or a tastefully ce- real – we are inviting everybody to explore and enjoy the variety of our nighborhood.
Our offer, fresh alyways, tasty and quick We offer snacks, tastefully cakes, selfe- made cereal, cold drinks, coffee in different variation in relaxed athmo- sphere. Everything in house or to go as well. Open from 8am daily till 8pm. Furthermore we offer rooms for differ- ent events. Just contact to us for reservation.
Exhibition "Unterwegs" Stefan Merkt has been creating art from original postage-stamps since 1989. He works by collecting, selecting and as- sembling hundreds of colourful stamps into mosaics, before illustrating on top of them. In June 2019 Stefan Merkt cele- brated in Berlin his 900th exhibition.
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